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About Feuerdorf

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Feuerdorf GmbH (Limited) was founded in 2016 by Hannes Strobl and Patrick Nebois. The first Feuerdorf opened as an event location in the city center of Vienna. Over the years, the concept has been continuously adapted and technically perfected. 

 A second location in Vienna has been opened in Spring 2021. Consequently it is now possible to demonstrate the modular system of the Feuerdorf concept and an all-year-round operation on different locations for potential franchisees.

Due to the great success and many inquiries from interested investors from home and abroad, "Feuerdorf International GmbH" (FDI) was founded  2019. The FDI acts as a franchisor for investors in Europe.

The franchisee benefits from a plug and play concept.  This includes planning, setup, booking tool, website, technical support, marketing plan and marketing management, OPS manuals and OPS support,  partial supply chain and more.

Feuerdorf USPs

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Feuerdorf International GmbH markets an innovative and highly profitable F&B concept. Lean structures and the entrepreneurial spirit of a former start-up vouch for the exclusively result-oriented use of investments. The most important asset, however, is the know-how about the “Feuerdorf concept” from planning to the ongoing operation.

The online booking tool is the core of the Feuerdorf business model.  Advance bookings and payments facilitate business planning and operations. 

The BBQ menu is ordered upfront. Customers prepare food themselves. Drinks are based on self serve and settled a the end of the visit. With  8-12 people per hut Feuerdorf is the perfect location for small- and medium-sized events such as Christmas- or birthday parties. This leads to a certain group dynamic with great party-mood and respective consumption.  

Additionally, à la carte guests a very much welcome in an outdoor dining area during summertime. 

All Feuerdorf elements such as the huts or the "Salettl " pavilion can be easily adapted.  Furthermore outdoor activities similar to the Vienna curling rink can be implemented according to market specific traditions.  

Our offer for franchisees 

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Our support starts with the selection of the location. Ideally, we will be looking for a 800 to 1500m2 plot in a city with a catchment area of 200.00 people or more. Connection to public transport and a certain distance to other properties are key for a decent neighbourhood relations. Proximity to a natural body of water is optimal.

Based on the location we will plan your new Feuerdorf from rough- to fine layout.  The amount of huts, the size of the "Salettl" pavilion, preparation-, storage- and washing areas will be determinated according to your local business needs and infrastructure. 

Our experienced Feuerdorf team will train the new employees extensively to guarantee a smooth opening.

After the successful start we will help you to analyse and develop your business with respective tools and personal support. 

The investment for a new Feuerdorf will be defined based on size, location, infrastructure and additional offers.  1- 1,3 million euros are a rough indication. We will be happy to calculate an individual offer, including  financial plan and ROI.

Are you on fire?  

Please send us your request, we will come back to you immediately.
We will be glad to inform you in person about  investment details, franchise conditions and business planning.
For information about the Vienna/Donaukanal Feuerdorf please follow this link.


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